Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marriage is so passé...

so why do homosexuals, who like to be on the cutting edge of all that is cool, want to engage in such an outmoded and old-fashioned institution?

They don't.

And neither, it appears, do straight people.

Let's face it, when you have gaggles of little girls (some as young as 14), thinking it would be fun to have a baby, and when you have the government (that's us) funding the acquisition of that baby, why get married?

For those who do choose the conventional route and get married before having babies, 50% will end in divorce.  You may double that figure if the couple lived together before marriage.

Who's at fault?  We are.  We turned our backs and tut-tutted to ourselves when our children moved in with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  But we never said, "It's wrong."  When our son or daughter announced they were "gay", we never said, "That is an unhealthy lifestyle and you must be chaste."

We never told them their "live-in lover" was not welcome at family events for fear that our son or daughter would choose to avoid us.  We didn't do our job as parents by telling the truth and upholding what is right.

It really all comes down to Truth.

There are not many truths.  There is not one truth for one person and another truth for someone else.  Truth is an absolute. 

We allowed them to live in multiple relationships that were soul-sapping.  Our daughters were allowed to become concubines and unpaid cleaning women for disrespectful boys.  We threw baby showers for our daughters who became pregnant out of wedlock.  We accepted our homosexual son's lover as part of the family.

We were afraid to tell the truth.  We cowered and gave in to the demands of our spoiled children because of fear.  We feared they wouldn't love us anymore.  The real truth is we didn't love them enough to tell them the truth and act accordingly.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

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