Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Michelle Obama royally dissed by the Royals...

and I doubt she even realizes it.

Her first official event was tea with Prince Harry, otherwise known as "the fifth" as is, fifth in line to the throne.  Wow.  That's the best the royals could scrounge up?

The first lady of the United States is given a cup of tea, a few cookies plopped on a plate, and the only royal without enough clout to wiggle out.  The English sure know how to make a statement without actually saying anything.

Harry was so impressed with his royal duties that he engaged in manspreading during his confinement with Mooch.

Then off to visit a "typical" British school.  
No comment.

She arrived in Great Britain, dressed in a blue and yellow frock with the addition of a black apron worn in the back, accompanied by her sullen graceless daughters inappropriately dressed in super short skirts, her mother, and some other woman dressed in ratty shorts and sandals who, I might add, should never, ever be seen in public in shorts.  

Way to go, Mooch!  

Tell me again how much this is costing the American tax payers?

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