Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alan Keyes: On my reading list...

for later today.

The garden calls.  Yesterday I didn't get outside until noon.  Big mistake.  I about died from heat stroke after only planting 6 tomatoes.  

Alan Keyes offers free 80-page booklet on God-ordained marriage
April 2, 2015
RenewAmerica staff

Liberty Tree Alliance, a nonprofit educational organization of Dr. Alan Keyes, has released a new e-booklet, How the Claim to 'Homosexual Rights' Destroys the Logic of Liberty, in an effort to challenge the growing myth that same-sex marriage poses no substantial threat to the existence of God-ordained natural marriage.

The 84-page downloadable booklet, available for free by clicking HERE, contains 24 essays by Dr. Keyes on the deceptions that surround same-sex marriage, and the assault upon America's unalienable rights and essential liberties these deceptions represent.

According to RenewAmerica president Stephen Stone, the booklet's editor, How the Claim to 'Homosexual Rights' Destroys the Logic of Liberty "is highly recommended to all patriotic Americans who wish to understand, and uphold, our nation's heritage of one-man/one-woman 'traditional' marriage."

Stone added, "The arguments and facts Dr. Keyes shares herein are worth every effort to study and discern – for they are carefully reasoned and powerfully written. As a contribution to contemporary conservative thought, the insights presented are exceptional."

The booklet is the third in a series of profound essays by Dr. Keyes on the most important moral and political challenges that currently confront America.

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