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Black "Culture": Speaking the truth is not very popular...

starting with an inadvertently hilarious article from the CBSMinnesota (WCCO.)

The reason I often focus in on the St. Paul/Minneapolis area is because I was born and raised in St. Paul.  It used to be a lovely place to raise children and thrive financially.  I moved to Houston, TX when I was 17, and briefly moved back to Minneapolis in my early thirties.  I lived in the "transitional" neighborhood of Loring Park where I often had to side-step the hookers when I left for work. I was also the victim of a brutal mugging by a black man just blocks from my apartment.

I left Minnesota the first time when LBJ was starting his "war on poverty."  Any black people I knew of before I moved were families with a mother and father raising kids the best they could.  By the time I returned, it was clear where the the future of the black family was headed. 

That being said, let's take a quick gander at the CBSMinnesota article that had me rolling my eyes:

Minneapolis Highlighting Stories Of Young Men Of Color
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The city of Minneapolis wants to highlight stories of young people doing great things in the community.
The Brothers and Fathers Institute held a conference to raise awareness meant to focus on the positive role young people can have in making their schools and communities safer.
Young men of color in Minneapolis are now part of the conversation geared at making sure they have what it takes to make a positive impact in the community.
Betsy Hodges signed on to President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, a program designed to help more young men of color stay on track.
“It was really clear to me from day one as mayor that our city depends on our young people of color doing well,” she said.
The gathering of Brothers and Fathers at the Humphrey Institute is proof the initiative is taking hold here in Minneapolis.
Isaiah Hudson works with the mayor to help prevent youth violence. The 18-year-old spends time with 3rd and 5th graders in the YMCA’s Beacon program.
“I had a mentor when I was younger,” Hudson said. “I’m taking my mentors’ spot and trying to help my mentees so I feel good. It makes me feel real good because I feel like I’m giving back.”
Hudson wants to erase the negative image some people have of guys who look like him.
“If you see a boy like me, with a baseball cap, baggy pants: ‘He’s probably a drug dealer or a gang banger or something like that,'” Hudson said. “That’s not always the case.”
He hopes the website and posting of the work done by young black men will help inspire others to help make the city a better place for everyone.
St. Paul is also involved with the initiative and has also launched a website where people are encouraged to post positive stories of young people in the community.
  Here's the real message of this article:
  • If whitey would quit reporting stories of feral black youths attacking white people, looting, and destroying property, the young black people would pull up their pants and act in a way consistent with polite society. 
  • It's okay to dress like a thug and all the rest of us are not supposed to use common sense in avoiding them.
  • We're going to maintain a website telling the feral black youth how wonderful they are because if we build their self-esteem, they'll shun the thug culture.  No never mind that most of them are functionally illiterate, which is also somehow the fault of everyone except themselves.
The Twin Cities has a long history of not reporting black crime - or, at least, calling it what it is.  They're the masters of reporting on teens, youths, young people, and any other word they possibly come up with, to not have to say "black."

The above article was published on March 27th.

On April 7th, the Minneapolis StarTrib published this:

Minneapolis police beef up patrols after south Minneapolis violence
Authorities suspect the latest violence is gang-related.
In hopes of curbing escalating street violence in south Minneapolis, police say they have assigned additional officers to boost daily patrols in several neighborhoods.

Under the plan, officers — drawn from all five precincts, in addition to several of the department’s specialty units, including the Community Emergency Response Teams — will focus on several neighborhoods, such as Phillips and Powderhorn, which have seen most of the recent incidents, police officials said.
[...]The Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods, which stretch from Interstate 94 to E. 43rd Street, between Hiawatha Avenue and I-35W, have had more than 40 gunshot-related calls for service in the past two weeks, according to reports of shots fired and new technology that can detect gunfire. read the rest
Gang related?  They fail to mention that the gangs are black.  The same black people who ride the shiny new light rail downtown to the Nicollet Mall to cause mayhem like they did on St. Patrick's Day.  StarTrib referred to them as young people and teens.

 Colin Flaherty reports on violent crowds of blacks disrupting the St. Patrick's day celebration in downtown Cleveland and black city councilman, Zach Reed, breaks ranks and calls it what it is  - "a hate crime because black people are purposefully going downtown to beat up white folks."

In Muskegon, Michigan, a gaggle of black girls engage in a brawl and one of them runs over her rival which is caught on video (if you can stand to watch it.)

And a lady in Pennsylvania dared to tell some "teen" girls to be quiet during a movie and her reward was to get the snot beat out of her.

I could go on and on, but I have plans for today.

Anyone who dares tell the truth is immediately carpet-bombed with accusations of racism, being a hater, and a right-wing religious zealot. Don't fall for it. 

The truth is:

 The majority of blacks are doing the best they can.  How many of these "youths" are the product of fatherless homes and drug-addled mothers?  It should be clear to anyone watching any of these videos that we are not dealing with people who are even remotely qualified to live in society.

Any city or neighborhood that becomes predominantly black ends up in ruins, while white people are blamed because of our  "privilege." 

While they segregate themselves in ghettos of their own making, we are forced to fund their aberrant life styles. If you live in a large city that is promoting light rail, enabling them to invade your neighborhood, escape is no longer possible. The ghetto will come to you. 

Soon, you will be living next to Section 8 housing in order to make your neighborhood properly diverse.  Is that what it will take to wake you up?

Any white people who are pushing this agenda of blaming whitey for the plight of black people, I have a challenge for you.  How about tonight you take a stroll through any black neighborhood hand- in-hand with your sweetie.    


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And if I haven't given you enough to think about, listen to Sharyl Attkisson's talk about astroturfing.  Excellent!

The message is to question everything you read or hear.  Remember this?

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