Friday, March 13, 2015

Obama to Kimmel: Protesters had some “very legitimate grievances”...

because we all know the best way to calm a situation is to go on a third rate crappy entertainment show to stoke the flames of unrest.
Please note the pencil necked president sitting lower than the host of the show appearing like the weak, feckless twit he is.  I've heard that Valjar carries his cojones around in a briefcase.

Mark my words:  Ferguson will be ground zero for a nationalized police force. 

Now listen to a real man

Sheriff David Clarke on Obama's "condolence" tweet:
“That might score him points with hipsters, but it’s not going over real big with me and it’s not going over real big with the American law enforcement officer".
“He didn’t have the decency to put on a suit and go to the East Room or the Rose Garden and issue a heartfelt condemnation of what’s going on in these assaults against officers"


Civil Rights Hero, Lesley McSpadden

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