Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary's emails (tempest in a teapot), and Obama's attack on "racist" police departments...

ready for the feds to take over local law enforcement?

I spent a little time over at Huff & Puff yesterday.  After first hunting all over that site for a story about Shillary and her email thingy, guess what I found out? 

Yep.  No one cares and think it's much ado about nothing.

And, as I've already predicted, absolutely nothing will come of this.  Just like all the other Clinton scandals, it will just quietly slink off into the night.

My friend, Trailbee, left a link to Ricochet, who has some rather strange advice:  Go Dark.   Hot Air picked up on it:  Rick Wilson has some advice for the GOP on Hillary: This isn’t about you, so shut up.

I guess we're all supposed to just keep quiet about Hillary and her emails so the libtards don't accuse us of being fruitcakes, or something. 

I'm not hopping on this latest shiny object because no one give a crapola - including moi.  Seriously, she's left a trail of dead bodies and we're screeching about emails?

Obama will use "racism" as a basis for nationalizing police 
Obama said his administration will act on recommendations from a presidential task force, which called for greater oversight of police departments and the use of independent prosecutors to investigate deadly use of force by officers. The 11-member panel also urged state and local police departments to change how officers view the communities they patrol and collect and publicize demographic information and about who they stop.  source
When are we going to face the truth?


SBPDL:  Setting Straight the Lies of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division Report on the Ferguson Police Department

MOTUS: Black Lies Matter

Gateway Pundit:  As Obama, Holder Stir Racial Pot over Ferguson, White Federal Judge Shot by Black Men in Detroit

I'm heading off to work.  Play nice while I'm gone.

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