Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An open letter to homosexual activists...

Dear Homosexual Activist,

Due to the latest shiny object attack on Mike Pence of Indiana over signing the state's Freedom of Religion Restoration Act, one I might mention, exists in many other states, I felt the urge to send a message to you. 

I'm sending this letter only to you activists, and not to the millions of homosexuals who lead rather mundane and normal lives.  They go to work and school, live quietly, and sometimes even chastely - which is a subject for another letter. 

Let's start off with the concept of tolerance.  Growing up, we had a family friend who was most certainly gay.  I dislike the word "gay", but in the interest of  kindness, since you really like that label, I'll consent to use the term for this letter.  This family friend was a lovely gentleman who we had over for dinner several times a year.  He lived with his aging mother, and was a collector of antiques about which he was quite knowledgeable.  Naturally, it was whispered that he might be gay.  It was only whispers, because no one knew for sure.  Our family friend did not demand tolerance, nor did we feel any necessity of attaching that sentiment to him. 

In later years, my mother worked for two doctors, one of whom was gay.  He also was a lovely, funny, and charming man.  He never demanded tolerance, nor did he announce to the world his sexual proclivities.  It was not easy to hide his gayness when he had house parties, and my mother was called in the middle of the night to attend to him when he decided that his fairy costume (I kid you not) would allow him to fly off the second story landing and his friends (including Rock Hudson - also a lovely man) needed to get him out of the fairy costume before taking him to the Houston Medical Center.  He didn't demand tolerance either.

Back in the olden days, people didn't usually announce to the world the manner in which they engaged in sex, including people who were heterosexual.  We deemed it not worthy parlor chit-chat and, frankly, it was no one's business. 

Now, the noise makers amongst you are demanding tolerance.  I hate to break this to you, but tolerance is not a good thing.  Tolerance presupposes that the one doing the tolerating has already decided that what he is tolerating is not good.

It's sort of like that employee where you work who has some pretty bad hygiene problems.   In a word, he stinks.  No one likes to be around him, but they, having decided that the guy is really a nice person, tolerate his odor until the day the staff decides to slip a tube or can of antiperspirant in his desk drawer hoping he'll get the hint.

That might not be the best example, since most gay people are a pretty clean bunch, but I think you get my point.  You don't want to be tolerated.  You know that is not a good thing.  No, you want approval for the manner in which you engage in sex.  You want to be celebrated as the creative, clever, sophisticated person you think you are.

Oh, sure; you have your gay pride parades with crowds of heterosexuals attending and cheering you on.  Deep down, though, you know the real reason they are there.  I'm not trying to be cruel here, but the sight of men dressed in feathers, sequins, or leather bondage with their bare butts hanging out is, well, entertaining to many people. 

So tolerance is not your goal here.  No siree.  It' a nice word to fling about, but it's not getting the job done.  When that happens, you switch to equal rights.  Last I checked, you have equal rights.  Nope, it seems to me that what you're stumping for is special rights, and you want to exercise those special rights over anyone who dares to say they don't want your sexuality shoved in their faces. We also don't want you trying to teach our children that homosexual sex is normal and healthy.  It isn't, and you know that, too.  

You may also want to take some time to ponder how you and your friends treated openly gay fashion legends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana when they came out against gay marriage, gay adoption, and that they found in vitro fertilization to be unnatural.  (source)  Old queen, Elton John, called for a boycott against the designers and you applauded.  Not to worry, though.  Most of you can't afford their clothes, so a boycott is meaningless. 

For most of history, your sexual activities behind closed doors have been tolerated.  We won't go into the Muslims throwing you off of roofs and stoning you to death, which is, no doubt, the epitome of intolerance. No one is asking you to hide in the shadows.  Most of us are intelligent enough to spot you.  We want to be your friends.

Please, dear activists, note that I have not brought religion into this letter, even though you like to conjure up a tolerant and non-judgmental Jesus when it suits your purpose.  I offer no religious reason to not tolerate your private behavior.  Yet, you have no problem calling me a "hater" for not celebrating your behavior.  How very tolerant of you.

However, the approval you seek for your sex life is just not going to happen.  You may wield untold pressure through any laws you plan to enact, but no one is going to celebrate your sex life.  Deep down you know this, and I'm sure it makes you unhappy.  It doesn't have to be this way.

You need to quit acting like petulant children who have had their favorite toy taken away for bad behavior.  You're an embarrassment to all the homosexuals who just want to be left alone to lead their life in peace. 




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