Tuesday, February 24, 2015

These people said what I'm thinking...

and I thank them. 

I must head out and spray Immunox on the bushes and trees, rake up plum pits, and probably whack back more bushes. 

So head over and read what Fran has to say at Liberty's Torch:  The (No Longer So) “New Class” 
and be sure to take his advice on how to converse with a libtard.  Disagree with a libtard and they will move heaven and earth to destroy you.  Don't let them.

Becker puts the whole income inequality meme in perspective - and we thank him.  We Are Wealthy. And Why It Matters.

Build A Pantry For Pennies: 5 Frugal Shopping Strategies by Daisey Luther is exactly how I stock and maintain my pantry.  When you consider the rapid rise of prices in the grocery store, anything you purchase is better than money in a bank - you know, that money that's earning 0.0% interest. 

The other benefits are: 
  • Convenience.  No more running to the store for some missing ingredient.  I'm been diving into the chicken I canned last fall.  Not in the mood to cook?  Simple. Open a jar of chicken, throw in some veggies, a few tablespoons of Better Than Bouillon, and, voila, chicken soup.  Not to mention everytime you go into a store the urge to purchase extra stuff is a real possibility.
  • Investment: Without fail, everything you purchased two years ago is way more expensive now.  I haven't had to buy shampoo in over a year, and I just replenished our shave gel supply. 
Read what Michael Snyder has to say about the economy, and then you can go and reread Daisy Luther's article:  14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis

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