Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Blizzard that didn't happen: Still think being prepared is silly?

well, silly me.

The predicted blizzard in New York and New Jersey never happened.  Yet take a gander at the stores when people thought they were going to be inconvenienced for a few days.

Imagine if the inconvenience was to last weeks or even months. Imagine also that the inconvenience did not come with prior warning.

And I totally "get" that many of these people live in small apartments, but that's still no excuse for being so low on staples that standing in line for hours to buy bread becomes a necessity.  Did you know a compact freezer can be purchased for under $200.00?  I understand that a freezer is of no help if the power goes out, but you do what you can do.  The times our power has gone out in the winter, our back deck becomes our fridge.

Not only is there cost associated with the time wasted spent doing that last minute shopping, how about the cost of product?  I just opened up a quart of $1.77 per pound chicken breasts I had canned back in August.  With the addition of some carrots, celery, onions,  zucchini, and a handful of rice, I had a delicious soup post-haste.  

All the following pictures were real-time tweets I found HERE


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