Friday, February 27, 2015

Smiling piles of poop, what passes for art today, and what's up with the trolls?...

in reverse order (sort of)

As many of my readers know, I'm usually more interested in comments on an article rather than the article itself.  I garner many bits of information from commenters. and I like to hear what other people have to say.

Every site has it's share of trolls; those people who show up to annoy us and do their best to derail the conversation.  Hence the advice to "not feed the trolls." Many of these people are paid by lefty organizations to infiltrate conservative sites and create havoc.

However, starting about two weeks ago, I noticed that many big sites like American Thinker, The Blaze, et al, are completely bombarded by these odious people, and to make matters worse, everyone seems to be feeding these trolls, thereby hijacking the combox.

I'm thinking that the paid trolls are being fed by other paid trolls to effectively stop the conversation; or the trolls are simply arguing with themselves.  Either way, the end result is very annoying. 

The Poo Generation

Pamela Geller has an article over at American Thinker lamenting how degraded our culture has become.  She used as an example the "poo" emoticon.  Until reading her article (which is very good), I had never heard of this emoticon.  Supposedly, you can even buy shoes that have the emoticon proudly displayed on the front.


Women are walking around with piles of poo emblazoned on the top of their shoes?  Oy vey!

Pamela included a couple of quotes from Ayn Rand that started a lively discussion in the combox about whether Ms Rand should be applauded or scorned.  I admit to liking much of what she had to say, but was always bothered by her scorn of religion and morality in general.  We'll save the discussion on that topic for another time (unless you have an opinion burning a hole in your keyboard.) 

To add to what Pamela has said, I've long noticed the vile language from many young people posting on Facebook.  But first, a disclaimer, so you won't consider me the hugest of all hypocrites.  I've been known to fling around a few "F" words.  Yes, I know it's hard to believe.  But...I cannot tell a lie.  What I don't do is broadcast my lousy language all over Facebook, and only rarely on this blog.

I certainly don't go to the grocery store and comment to the lady behind me that it's "F'ing" cold outside.  We must have some standards in our public discourse.

Which brings me to a sculpture that is being displayed at The University of the South in Tennessee in order to honor women via iOwntheWorld.  Having attended nursing school and scoring great marks in anatomy, I instantly recognized what it depicted.

This is how we honor women today?

Do me a favor and don't honor me.

You can read more about this very ugly thing at Campus Reform and find out what it is.


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