Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What do we truly control?...

my recent thinking on this is - not much.

Everyday we are assaulted through news sources, both mainstream and alternative,  about all the goings on in the world. I would contend that close to 100% of what is going on is stuff we have absolutely no control over.

And yet many of us (you may call me guilty) spend untold hours perusing all these sources as though our lives depended on knowing everything, down to and including what our favorite entertainers had for breakfast. 

If the news is leaving you feeling out of control, it may be time to cut back on what you suck into your head.  

As part of my ongoing plans to declutter and simplify, I'm going to declutter and simplify my writing.  That means fewer words and fewer posts.

You see - the only things we can really control is ourselves, and our immediate surroundings. 

I suggest as an antidote to make this the year you take control of the things you can truly control.  A life that is humming along in an orderly fashion is a lot less likely to be overwhelmed by an increasingly out-of-control world.

Think of ways you can simplify your life. 

I'd say more, but I'm already over my word limit.  More tomorrow.


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