Friday, January 23, 2015

Mychal Massie tells us what he really thinks of Obama and his wife...


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But for all of Obama’s lies told in his speech and as infuriating as his openly declaring he would neither honor nor be constrained by the Constitution, the single most infuriating act of shameful disregard for America was his loathsome wife throwing excrement in the face America’s military families.

I was angered to the point of feeling the veins bulge in my neck. As I sat in my study not only did my anger not dissipate but it grew in intensity.

That Obama would allow his miserable, contumacious, America-hating wife to display such blatant disrespect for the families of those he allowed to be murdered in Benghazi and those he allowed to be murdered in Fast and Furious is unforgivable.

So I did the following video. I made a promise to the wife of Tyrone Woods that I would never let America forget his sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who were murdered with September 11, 2012.
Everyone who views this video should be as angry and appalled as I was and am by the Obama woman’s moral opprobriousness.

The accompanying video is not presented with my usual reserve. I do not apologize for being angry when a wanton infidel who gives new meaning to usufruct and throws excrement in the face of our military families who have suffered lost.
(I had to look up usufruct.)

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