Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wild Bill: Welfare Blood in Ferguson...

wait until the blacks have a bunch of illegal aliens dipping into the welfare bucket.

A slight correction to what Bill is saying is in order here.  Most of the Bosnians live in St. Louis proper, not Ferguson. The highest concentration of Bosnians in St. Louis is in the "Little Bosnia" neighborhood of Bevo Mill.  Ferguson is about 15 miles away.  It doesn't, however, change the main message.

And it's not just the blacks scamming the welfare system.  I know of many young white women with one, two, and sometimes three, illegitimate children, who have a steady stream of different boyfriends living with them.

By not getting married, they qualify for EBT cards, free medical for the children, free childcare, and section 8 housing.  This frees them up to work full time.  The boyfriends usually work full time, too.  You do the math.  And if this doesn't make your hard-working tax-paying head explode, nothing will.

These are not low-class uneducated young women.  Most come from nice families and have decent jobs.  Neither they, nor their parents, see a problem with living like this.

Expect to see much more of this. 

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