Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wild Bill: Biden on voter ID law is "an evil self-serving lie by a devious sinister man"...(This is a must see video)

well that sums it up nicely.

What does Bill see when he meets a Democrat?

Probably about the same thing you see.

All the democrats I know (few and far between in North Idaho, but rampant in my family) are vile vicious sociopaths who hate religion of any kind, never met a baby in the womb they didn't want to kill, think everyone but them is a stupid racist woman-hating gun-slinging wacko. Oh - and they lie.  They lie about everything.  They take personal vendetta to a level that any normal person would find almost impossible to imagine.  Other than that, they're fine.

My advice?  Stay as far from these people as you can.  


Lloyd Marcus:  Joe Biden is a Vile Little Man

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