Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wild Bill asks: Did the feds pay the rioters in Ferguson, defends Michelle Malkin, and dumps on Alex Jones...

asking questions that need answers.


I'm not a huge fan of Michelle Malkin, who, through the lucky founding of Hot Air, has been thrust onto the national scene.  I find her to be shrill and, well, call me silly, but somewhat unladylike.  I gravitate more toward the Phyllis Schlafly and Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt types to inform me.  Both of these women are intelligent, well-educated, and able to present their views without screeching and flapping their hands about. 

This is not to say that Michelle Malkin is not a good person or not smart.  She's, no doubt, both.  I just don't like listening to her, and prefer to see her in print. 

I'm even less of a fan of Alex Jones, who feeds into irrational paranoia of the masses and is also shrill.  The biggest problem with Alex Jones is the kernels of truth that are buried in some of his rants, so that the easily led can pluck them out and say, "See, I told you so."

Bill's defense of Michelle Malkin as to Alex Jones stalking and screaming at her in Denver during the 2008 Democratic National Convention  is right.  Jones behavior was, indeed, reprehensible, and she certainly didn't deserve to be screamed at even if she does flap her hands about which is way better than Alex Jones flapping his mouth.

Bill asks the question, "Were Ferguson protesters paid by Eric Holder?" 

Bill, prudent as always, cautions restraint when it comes to stories about such things, and unloads on gossip monger Alex Jones, and extolls the virtues of Michell Malkin.  

We do know that of the many who were arrested, almost none of them lived in Ferguson.  Were they paid to go there and stir up trouble?  I doubt it, but Bill's main point is that this administration is so malevolent and lawless that such a thing is not beyond the realm of possibility.

As I said, I doubt they were paid, but I do believe our government shipped them in, using them as the useful idiots they are, in order to keep us fixated on Ferguson to draw attention away from something they didn't want us to see.  These events have become the modern day "bread and circuses" of distraction. 

Notable Quote:
"People who know their faith are not easy to deceive.  And people who are self-sufficient are not easily manipulated by dirty politics."  Wild Bill


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