Monday, August 25, 2014

Want to know what's wrong with the black community?...

here's three "men" to sum it up for you.

It seems they're tired of "being looked at another species."  How about not acting like another species?

The money quote (I translated into English for you):
"If they don't come and restore these neighborhoods for these people when you got to travel miles to go to WalMart and to get gas and stuff like that when we should be right here...unintelligible...there's going to be hell to pay."
Exactly who is "they" in this case?  How about you get off your lazy black ass and restore the neighborhood your friends, or at least "friends" of your hero Obama who were shipped in, burned down? Stop being useful idiots.

You can't get jobs?  Well maybe having a gang symbol tattooed on your face might make that endeavor a bit more difficult.

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