Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dust if You Must...

I'm going to pull weeds.

Stolen from That Mr. G Guy, who stole it from  Boudica BPI Weblog

My comment at Mr. G Guy's Blog:

That was pretty much my mom's motto. Growing up in Minnesota where the weather could change in a flash, if it was a nice day we headed to the lake to swim. Mom always said, “The dust will wait.”

Some of the neighbor ladies were just the opposite. Clean, clean, clean. As a result, it was my mom who taught most the neighbor kids to swim. What do you think these “kids” remembered when they grew up – their mom's clean house or my mom teaching them to swim?

One of my childhood friends just passed away. He always said my mom taught him so much that he, in turn, taught his kids, who are, no doubt, teaching their kids.

Yep – the dust can wait!!

I’m stealing this…

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