Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson places focus on Obama...

and so do the majority of the people who commented on his post.

Mr. Hanson, a fine writer and a very accomplished person, has written an article about Obama in which he compares Obama to Carter.  

To be fair, he refers often to the Obama "administration" and not just to Obama.  Who actually comprises this "administration" is up for grabs.

It's clearly not Obama.

Keith Koffler, over at White House Dossier, posts Obama's schedule every day.  Most days, he rarely receives the presidential briefing before 10am.  The rest of his days are filled with what I like to call "ribbon cutting ceremonies"; meeting up with sports teams, attending science fairs, having lunch with various people, and jetting off to another fund raiser.  Weekends are filled with golf and parties.

Here's a typical day for him:  May 29, 2014
10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:10 am || Delivers remarks at the White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit; East Room
2:55 pm || Participates in a clinic as part of the Concussion Summit; South Lawn

When exactly is he working?

How can anyone spend time speculating about who he is, and what he's doing to the country?  He's not doing anything except what he's been hired to do by his handlers.  The rest of the time he's (IMO) blowing white stuff up his nose and watching sports on TV.   Every time a new scandal erupts, they trot him out to say he's really, really mad and then he slithers off until needed again.

It's time we start focusing on who is really running this country, because it's not Obama. As always, follow the money.  The only people who are thriving are the bankers, lobbyists, and special interest groups, who are really nothing more than front groups for money laundering.

Your money is being funneled out of your grasp and into the hands of people who don't give one whit about you or your life.

Do I think it's all one big huge conspiracy?  Nope. But I do think there are many forces, none of which are good, working in tandem in order to line their pockets at your expense.

One of the reasons I've been loathe to post very often lately is because I have no solution.  What's the point of sounding off over and over and never offering a hint of help?

Other than elections, there's not much anyone can do except pray, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

We live in interesting times.

As for today, I have a reprieve from back-breaking outside work.  We had lovely thunderstorms last night and it will probably rain today, so I shall run some errands and do some desk work.

Have a wonderful day...


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