Friday, June 6, 2014

Another opinion on Ann Barnhardt's "Why I'm Considering Quitting" post...

which gives us more to ponder.

Yesterday I posted a link to Ann Barnhardt's post which reflects much of what I've been thinking lately. 

For me the question is whether Ann is mired in despair, a sin against the virtue of Hope, or is she just being realistic.  There is a definite difference between facing facts and unicorn farts and rainbows, referred to as normalcy bias.  Facing facts means you take appropriate action. 

The Grunt of Monte Cristo, over at For God, Family, and Country, leans more toward the despair angle.

I've never been a giggling aficionado of Ann.  I think she makes some good points, but I question her tactic of appearing to call her readers stupid - something Karl Denninger, at the Market Ticker, tends to do also.

From:  For God, Family, and Country:

 Not to be missed is the first comment by Wraith who leans towards my opinion (or I lean towards his - or something.)

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