Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting the week off right with Trey Gowdy eviscerating Obama...

is he the only one willing to speak the truth directly and to the point?

Allow me to say this concerning the recent kerfuffle, wherein the newest spin on losing one's job due to Obamacare is a "blessing" because now people can pursue their bliss.

I do not think any employer should provide health insurance.  Health insurance should be purchased  and owned by the individual.  The employer, having dispensed with the onus of  providing the aforementioned insurance, along with the added cost of additional employees - sometimes whole departments of people to administer the insurance, would be able to pay their employees a higher salary.

I agree in principle with the statement, "No one should be afraid to change jobs for fear of losing their "benefits."  But Obamacare is not the way to accomplish this.

Think about the so-called employer fines of $2,000.00 per employee for not providing insurance.  Doesn't that money rightfully belong to the employee, and not a form of "vig" paid to the government? 

Most employers can afford to pay a salary high enough to ensure the employee can pay for their own insurance and still be money ahead.  What if they don't want to do this?  Market forces will solve that little problem in short order.  No decent pay?  No employees.

Return insurance to it's intended purpose, which is to insure against a catastrophic event, open up real competition in the insurance marketplace, throw in some tort reform, and reconnect people to the real cost of their health care.  The days of $50.00 aspirins has to stop.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma provides a complete price list for all its procedures.  The home page of their website states, "You Can and Should Know the Price."  And you can if you don't have a health insurance company that obfuscates the real cost. 

What about those individuals with pre-existing conditions?  That is a completely separate issue and should be dealt with separately.  Is it even remotely rational to disrupt, often fatally, the health insurance market for over 300 million people to "help" a few million?

When you bring up these things to a committed non-thinking libtard, they love to look you in the eye with a smirk of superiority and say , "It's not that simple."

Well, it is that simple. 

Next time someone says that to you, look at them right back and channel your inner Trey Gowdy and say, "Yes, it is that simple.  Prove to me how it's not."

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