Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cardinal Varela, on his way to Mass, gently questioned by lady-like and charming feminists - not exactly...

more like the hounds of hell were unleashed upon the world. 
Bare-breasted feminists hurled knickers at the archbishop of Madrid as he arrived at church on Sunday in protest at his support for a tightening of Spain’s abortion law.
Five topless protesters swooped on Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela as he got out of a car to attend an evening mass at a church in central Madrid.
They hurled red-stained knickers at the cardinal, who they say is one of the forces behind the conservative government’s planned abortion reform.
Warning: Bare breasts bouncing around in public, hysterical screaming, and foul language.  Just exactly what we would expect from these disgusting embarrassments to decent women everywhere. 

Remember they are screaming in order to have the "right" to murder their own children.

Who says the devil doesn't exist.

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