Monday, February 3, 2014

Breitbart "offended" by America the Beautiful Coke commercial...

Executives at Coca Cola thought it was a good idea to run a 60-second Super Bowl ad featuring children singing "America the Beautiful" – a deeply Christian patriotic anthem whose theme is unity – in several foreign languages. The ad also prominently features a gay couple. read the rest at Breitbart
Number one - it is not a "deeply Christian patriotic anthem."

There is some question whether the author, Katharine Lee Bates, was even a Christian.  She wrote the song while teaching for a summer in Colorado. 
One day, some of the other teachers and I decided to go on a trip to 14,000-foot Pikes Peak. We hired a prairie wagon. Near the top we had to leave the wagon and go the rest of the way on mules. I was very tired. But when I saw the view, I felt great joy. All the wonder of America seemed displayed there, with the sea-like expanse. source
There are actually three different versions - the original poem in 1893, a 1904 version, and the final version written in 19031913. (Oooops)

I won't go into all the lyrics or their meaning, nor will I delve into the life of Ms Bates, all of which is easily accessible to anyone who gives a rip.

As to the ad?  Sure I saw it, and I also thought it was stupid.  However, Coca Cola makes more money overseas than it does here.  Was that their message?  How the hell do I know?   And furthermore, I don't care.

The Coca Cola company has one goal or "agenda" as the hysterical commenters at Breitbart are calling the ad.  Sell more product.  It's as simple as that.

Sure, I get tired of all this diversity crapola, but the people who don't embrace that notion are not going to be swayed by a Coke commercial.    And the people who do?  They're a bunch of libtards who haven't had an original thought in their entire lives.  You  see, they have a "vision."  The fact that their vision is divorced from reality is of no consequence to them.  Hit them with a fact and they stick their fingers in their ears and screech, "La, la, la, la."

The country is going down the crapper and people are "deeply offended" by a commercial?

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