Friday, January 17, 2014

Ted Cruz talks about Obamacare and gun control with Greta Van Susteren...

"Elected officials don't like being held responsible."

What is most astonishing to me is that even one person would log onto the Obamacare site and plug in their personal information to buy an over-priced crappy product.

What the hell is wrong with the people of this country?  Are they so dumbed down and anesthetized by TV, sports, and lousy education that they can no longer think?  Yeah, right!  Silly question.

Speaking of sports, do you realize that Super Bowl ticket prices range from $2600.00 to over $15,000.00?  Seriously?  To endure invasive pat downs, carry your crap in a tiny plastic bag, sit in the cold, and pay $15.00 for a beer?  We have become a country full of demented people. Makes one wonder how many of the people attending the Super Bowl this year will be bleating about "income inequality?"

Ted and Greta move on to Harvey Weinstein, who is planning to team up with dimwit Meryl Streep to produce some sort of anti-gun propaganda thingy that will "make the NRA wish they weren't alive."  Well, Harvey - I consider that a rather threatening and violent thing to be saying in public.  I'm quite certain you feel safe in making such inflammatory statements since you are surrounded by armed security.  Dope!

After listening to the rational discourse between Ted and Greta, head over and read what Mychal Massie has to say about the world we live in now.  It is lucid, sad, and spot on.  Unfortunately, those who are under the age of 50 or so will have no idea of what he's talking about.

And Doug Ross sums up brilliantly what Obama was really saying when he made his threat about his "phone and pen."

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