Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rush Limbaugh draws ire of lefty "Catholic" groups...

for respectfully questioning statements made by Pope Francis.

I don't usually speak about Catholic issues, but this attack on Rush Limbaugh from groups supported by George Soros, has me ticked off really annoyed.

Let's start at the beginning.  Since Pope Francis was elected, every time he opens his mouth there is an uproar over what he "really said."  The only reason for this is the vagueness of his statements and the bad reporting by people who tend to misinterpret what's he's saying, or worse, interpret what he says to match their preconceived agendas.

John Hayward of Breitbart has this to say on the subject:
Of course, it's beyond disgusting to see secular liberals suddenly "embrace" Pope Francis because he said something they find politically useful. Any of you pinheads feel like embracing Francis' teaching on abortion? What's that? Speak up, I can't hear you, liberals. Before you answer, remember that the Pope would be the first to tell you that his Church's teachings are not a buffet, to be picked over and consumed according to taste.
Let's examine some of the words used to describe what Mr. Limbaugh said:  incendiary, scathing critique, mean spirited, naive, attack, blasted, and so on.

Was what Mr. Limbaugh said all of the above?  Not at all.  I listened to that segment and pretty much agreed with everything he said, which I might add was respectful and in which he pointed out how much he admired the Catholic Church to the point where he's "been tempted a number of times to delve deeper into it."

The Catholic Church and our current president share some traits in common.  Many years ago the Church was infiltrated by left leaning clerics who have promoted the Marxist agenda.  Does anyone really believe the preponderance of homosexual priests happened by accident? To borrow a phrase from the "Liar in Chief", "Let me be clear":  there are many holy and wonderful priests and bishops.  Unfortunately, most of them have little to no impact on the public stage.

Instead, we are fed a steady dose of the Cardinal Dolans of the Church, who are nothing more than misled buffoons spouting their social justice nonsense and enjoying the perks of cocktails and dinner with people who feed their egos.

I have for the past 30 or so years I been a student of the trajectory of the Church.  For fewer years I have been a student of the trajectory of our country.  And it has recently become clear to me that the two entities are running on a railroad track heading for the same destination.  

While we have people who are intent on destroying this country (and doing a darn good job of it), these people also know that the Church has to be destroyed for their plan to work.  The Catholic Church has always been anti-Communist, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who knows that since all they hear is social justice prattle from the pulpits. 

Pope Francis is first and foremost a Jesuit.  The Jesuits, who were once the most "Catholic of Catholics", are now the battering ram of the call for social justice, ecumenism, and any other progressive idea. Witness what is going on in any Jesuit institution of higher learning.  He is also a product of the economic fascism of South America where he was raised.  Most importantly, he can not be considered an intellectual giant.

Is he some sort of "anti-Pope."  Of course not.  We've had way worse Popes than Francis.  Way worse!  And guess what?  The Church survived just fine and it will survive a Francis as Pope.

I wish I could say the same for our country. 


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