Friday, November 15, 2013

Stores opening on Thanksgiving?...

frankly - I don't give a darn.

And for those who do - spare me your phoney outrage. 

It's interesting to witness the uproar from some people over retailers who are planning on opening on Thanksgiving.  The people who are upset are wrapping it up in a nice package of concern for the poor employees who are being denied a family holiday. 


I haven't noticed the same concern for emergency room doctors, nurses, firemen, or police officers.  Want to know why?  Because if their house catches on fire, they want someone to come and put it out.  And if they have to avail themselves of the emergency room, they want to be sure a doctor will be available.  These are things that directly affect them and that's really what it's about.  And besides, these folks all knew about working holidays when they decided to pick those careers. Right?

Well, guess what? So do people who work retail, hospitality, or any myriad of other professions. 

I can remember any number of holidays I've worked and it's really no big deal.  I remember one Christmas when the hotel I was working at decided they needed to have a cocktail waitress at their Christmas day brunch.  I think I served one cocktail in four hours.  The rest of the time I sat in the empty lounge, feet up on a table, eating goodies from the kitchen, while watching TV.  It was peaceful.

  As a matter of fact, in all cases, I still received my holiday pay and the pay for the day I worked.  That's called "double time", and it's a nice little financial shot in the arm.   Is it really the end of the world if you don't get to eat some dried out turkey and have to make nice with a bunch of relatives you don't even really like?

KMart, or whomever, has a right to do what they want.  You have the right not to shop that day for bargains that are, in most cases, not even bargains.

Personally, I think the world would be a better place if we went back to blue laws and all stores were closed on Sunday.  But that little kitty slipped out of it's carrier many years ago, and it's not going to peacefully go back in.  So I don't shop on Sundays.  But I bet you dollars to doughnuts that most of these protesters shop on Sunday.  Where's the outrage for that? 

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