Thursday, November 21, 2013

I warned you about this...

back on Oct 28th.
"Did you know that once you're shuffled off into Medicaid you may no longer enroll in one of the exchanges and receive subsidies?   Makes no never mind if you wish to buy your own insurance.  You are forever consigned to a welfare program."  

From The Lonely Conservative:

She Paid For Her Own Health Insurance Until Obamacare Forced Her Into Medicaid

Liberals will see this story as a success. Another American given the “free” health insurance known as Medicaid. But people who pride themselves on their independence won’t see it that way.
Nicole Hopkins wrote about what happened to her mother in The Wall Street Journal.
  Her mother lives in the state of Washington and she had a policy that cost her less than $300 per month. She was happy with the policy. She paid for it all herself. But then Obamacare struck, and she was advised that her premium was going up to almost $500 per month. She decided to check the Obamacare exchange to see what options she had. There was only one – Medicaid. She isn’t celebrating the “help” she’s getting. READ THE REST

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