Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bill is live...

all the goodness of Bill Whittle gathered together in one very pretty place.

He has already posted a Virtual President video for opening day - and we thank him

I have so many things to say (for a change) and no time to say them.  Some might consider that a feature, rather than a bug.  

Another Announcement

I have finally made it to a million hits.  It only took about 42 years - or thereabouts.  A bunch of sneaky people made it happen while I slept - we thank each and everyone of you.


I shall return after (hopefully) doing some more front yard cleanup, planting five red maples, and making about 100 meatballs for our winter stash.

Meatball recipe HERE

The maples are waiting.  I bought these from a local lady for only $10.00 per tree.  Great deal! 

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