Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who are the real enemies of the USA?...

trees, meet forest.

Does Obama really know what's going on?  Probably not, nor does he care.  As a malignant narcissist, who cares only about flying around in his tax-payer supported really big plane, hobnobbing with the scum of Hollywood, and golfing - that is, when he's not playing basketball and watching ESPN, he is, no doubt, not interested nor is he kept in the loop.

I believe him when he repeatably says, "I found out about this or that when you, the little people, did."  Or, "I had no notion of such a thing being said about Benghazi."  Really?  

His handlers purposely keep him busy flying all over the country to talk to high school kids and raising money for the democratic party. 

The IRS is targeting conservatives.  Do the low-info voters not understand that the same corrupt agency is  going to be doling out their health care? 

We're supposed to be upset because the AP had a bunch of their phones tapped?  These are the people that have been carrying Obama's water for years.  Dead bodies in Benghazi?  Just some disposable people that were sacrificed to satisfy the machine.

So the question is:  Is there any independent thinker left in this country who does not realize that we are dealing with something much larger than the loser in the White House and his paid flacks like Jay Carney?  I've never believed in the idea that there was a central conspiracy to take down the United States.  That would require a large group of people to act in concert, something that is an impossibility due to the nature of humans.  But, there should be no denying that there may be several groups struggling to rearrange this country in order fill their own coffers. 

I was against the concept of impeachment, which I might remind you does not automatically mean his skanky skinny ass will be thrown out of office, because I didn't think it would work due to a majority of democrats in the Senate.  However, many of those senators are up for re-election in 2014.  If the American public becomes disgusted enough these senators will gleefully throw Obama off the cliff to insure their re-election.

The upside is listening to Jay Carney being thrashed in the White House briefing which is ongoing live from C-Span.


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