Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There is something fundamentally wrong with a country when disgraced politicians...

think it's okay to run for office.


Anthony Weiner, the famous weeny wagger, is going to run for mayor of New York.  Down south, Mark Sanford, who shamelessly used tax-payer money to court his girl friend - without asking his wife and children what they thought of the whole affair, is going to run for congress in South Carolina.

Both of these incidents show a complete lack of moral or ethical behavior and speak to the lack of character of either of these men.  My question is:  Why would they be willing to step back into the political world?

The only answer I can conjure up is because they know that the American people are becoming so immoral that they'll shrug their shoulders and say, "So what?"

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I guess Obama came up with some lame budget of sorts today. Allow me to sum it up for you:  cut nothing, add trillions of spending,  and raise taxes.  There, wasn't that easy?

This is a must listen over at Right Scoop. 

Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR: An up and down vote on the 2nd amendment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

I have many things on my agenda today.  One thing on my list is to read:


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