Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interesting morning...

and last night runs a close second.

First off, Disqus decided I didn't exist.  Finally got that fixed.  Then suddenly this morning pictures weren't showing up in my reader.  I rebooted and Adobe said I had to download a new version.  Fine.  I did that.  Still no pics.  I checked Adobe and they said everything was hunky-dory.  Hmmmmm.  Within a few minutes Adobe was saying, "Hey, dope - you need the new version. "  Well, okay, let's try again.  Then it's screeches out, "CLOSE FIREFOX",  and called me a "dope" - again.  Finally undoped myself long enough to cure the ills. 

Then I got really brave and closed ALL my tabs - something like 75 or so.  Why do I do that?  Maybe it's because I'm a dope.

After running Malwarebytes (all squeaky clean), I decided to clear my cache, run disk clean, and defrag.  Everything is running well again. 

Primal Eating

We're trying to be Primal/Paleo around here.  No wheat!  None!  So what do I have for dinner last night?  I rescued two old small sourdough bread loaves from the freezer and browned them nicely in the oven and ate them both (with lots of butter.) That was dinner.

The results?  Today I'm renting myself out to The Dollar Store to blow up their balloons (use your imagination.)

Proof positive that wheat-free is best. 

Off to work...

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