Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Francis and the kitties...

Yesterday I used a photo of St. Francis with some kitties.  I failed to include the artist's name or any information about the artist.  My bad!  My very bad!!

In order to correct this injustice, allow me to introduce you to Jill West, of Witicha, KS.

From her Etsy shop "about" page:

Hi I'm Jill!
Thanks for visiting my little shop! I've been selling small canvas & wood block paintings online for over 4 years now & decided to open up a shop so I could offer more of my other little creations. I'm a big cat lover so ALL of my creations will have a cat theme of some kind! I grew up with cats & just love everything about them from their playfulness to their aloofness but mostly their unconditional love.

In my shop you will find fun ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind items including prints, bookmarks & note cards - all from prints of my original paintings. My fabric items include unique pillows, pillow ornaments, art dolls & my unique fuzzy fleece CAT NAPPER pads!
 Here's a link to her Etsy shop:

That's My Cat

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