Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Overwhelmed with information...

again - and still trying to see the entire forest instead of just a few trees.

Some random thoughts:
  • Something about the reaction to Pope Francis makes me uneasy.
  • Exactly how did our culture become so degraded?
  • The devil is the master of division.
  • How "free" are we really?
  • Could a Cyprus "solution" be possible here?  Actually, I think the bank and auto bailouts were exactly that. 
This morning I watched John Ainworth's presentation on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in an attempt to explain why the government today operates without Constitutional limitations.  (H/T Political Brambles.)   I recommend everyone take a bit of time and watch it.

Mr. Ainsworth gets off to a bit of a rocky start, but quickly ramps up.  The information is sound and appears to be more forest than trees.  This is part one and it will take you forward to the other 8 parts.  Each part is rather short, so please don't perceive this as a huge time investment.   Besides, aren't you tired of sound bites?

After watching this this article at SHTF Plan is excellent:

The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight

In other random news:  Never smack at a random button on your computer which makes your task bar and start menu disappear - unless, of course, you are a tech wizard.  I did just that and it took me an hour of my already busy day to restore.  I know you techies are laughing your rear patoots off, but it was another learning experience I didn't really have time for.  My two newest commands for future use are:  Ctl + Esc and Ctl+Alt+Delete and the new task called explorer.exe.  On top of that I am now familiar with F11. 

Other good reads:

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RWN:  The Coming Obamacare Backlash

The Blaze:   MO Judge Strikes Down Religious Birth Control Exemption: ‘A Radical Departure From America’s Tradition of Religious Freedom’

Moonbattery:   Thomas Perez: Another Thumb in America’s Eye

Bunkerville:   Obama: ‘Prolonged Detention’ otherwise known as FEMA Camps

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