Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did you know Google Reader is going away?...

I found out yesterday and went into a complete panic.

I have over 300 RSS feeds in my Reader.  It would be impossible to monitor all those sites without some sort of Reader.

This does not include Bad Blue, Drudge, Pew Sitter, CNS,  and about another 50 sites that are bookmarked (and I wonder why little ADD brain is so addled.)

After doing a bit of research it didn't take me long to settle on  They even have some sort of import thingy all set up for us folks who will be wandering in the information desert soon. 

Since this is a work day, I'm not ready to tackle this.  We have until July 1st, so next week some time will be soon enough.  Of course, that is predicated on getting my taxes ready for the tax preparer. 

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