Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are your children in government schools?...

it may be a good idea to listen to this man.

I shamelessly filched this from The republican Mother who has compiled some of the best information on home schooling you can find.  On her sidebar she has links to  "Books that Make Life Make Sense."  Many of these are links to full books in pdf form like The Underground History of American Education.

In this video, Voddie Baucham, Jr. does about the best job of explaining why your children should be home schooled.  Don't like what the public schools are teaching - or not teaching your children?  Then take them out.  Imagine if tomorrow the public school rolls were cut by even 25%?  Do you think the powers-that-be would take notice?  Probably not, except for the money that would cease to flow into their corrupt institutions.  But at least your children would have first class education.

I've heard all the arguments against home schooling, many of which Mr Baucham will cover.  One he doesn't cover is the "we both have to work argument."  While there may be some people in this predicament, I challenge the people that are living in houses they can't afford, driving cars with 6 year loans on them because they cost too much to begin with, eat out many times a month, and carry balances on credit cards, to reorder their priorities. 

When your children grow up, they will not care about the house, the car, or the eating out.  What they will carry into adulthood is what you taught them.  It's a simple as that. 
Whoever Controls The Schools, Controls The World  

"When you send your kids to Caesar for their education, don't be surprised when they come back as Romans."


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