Friday, February 8, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson lays down some facts for Obama at prayer breakfast...

Obama appears to be texting during the Obamacare take down.

Dr Carson starts talking about health savings accounts at about the 20:00 mark.  It appears that Obama, looking down at his lap, is texting.  Maybe he's adding the doctor to his "kill list?"

The Blaze has compiled quit a good bio of the good doctor - and we thank them.  One can't help but compare Dr. Carlson's life with that of the sleepy-eyed SCoaMF. 

The epic speech that Dr. Benjamin Carson gave at Thursday’s Nation Prayer Breakfast has gone viral. His address, which was delivered just feet away from President Barack Obama, railed against political correctness, with the doctor subsequently taking overtly-conservative stances on key social and political issues. The respectful tone and boldness with which he spoke has created intense intrigue.
So, TheBlaze has assembled some key information about Carson in an effort to tell you more about his truly captivating life.  read the rest

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