Friday, January 11, 2013

Why is the National "Catholic" Reporter still allowed to use the word Catholic?...

when they are anything but Catholic.

This shameful publication should have had the name "Catholic" stripped from it's masthead decades ago.  Wake up bishops!

The attendance at this years March for Life in Washington, DC may surpass the attendance at the inauguration.   Last year 400K people marched.  Did you see anything in the MSM about it?  Thought not.

From Father Z:
Some people are getting it.  Liberals, even – to their eternal shame liberal catholics – are hijacking pro-life language as a way of promoting strict gun-control as if it were a pro-life issue.  What they are really trying to do is silence pro-lifers.  Liberals see those who defend the right to be born as the foundational pro-life issue  in the same way that they view those who uphold the 2nd Amendment: stupid, knuckle-dragging throwbacks who cling to their guns and religion.  Thus, their fusion of the gun-control debate with their hijacking of pro-life language is a tactic to silence those who believe that we have a right to be born in the first place.  Mark my words.  This is what they are doing.

See this:

What the National Catholic Reporter is really doing by calling for an “assault weapons” ban. (Hint: It ain’t about guns!)


NCR, hardly pro-life, hijacks pro-life language

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