Saturday, December 29, 2012

New York newspaper Journal News plans to release more gun owner permit holder names...

what a bunch of dangerous dopes.

They're making a huge miscalculation of how this is being received by the public.  I wandered over to the Huff & Puff to read comments on this story.  Guess what?  Even the libtards over there are a bit outraged.  The comments were probably 95% against what this newspaper is doing.

A few Huff & Puff comments:
What about the victims of violent crimes that have a permit for a handgun?

Did the newspaper think that they might be putting them in danger by publishing their names and addresses?

Did the newspaper check to see if anyone they named have restraining orders against anyone?

Also, the newspaper just gave the robbers looking for guns to steal a treasure map. Talk about giving a boost to gun crimes, duh!!!!
*                   *                  *
Maybe we should post a map with names and addresses of the people who have obtained legal abortions? Better yet, how about for those who possess a marijuana prescription? Sure, the fact that Joe Smith 2 counties over has a marijuana prescription is absolutely no threat to me, but it has been called a "gate-way drug" so I have an irrational fear of it. You know, thousands of people are killed every year due to DUI. I'd really like to know my neighbor's purchase record on alcohol as well as their car's make, model, type, and license info, so I can keep an eye on them. To be honest, I'm a little curious. What do you think? 
*                 *                    *
Where does the printing of public government records for Political purposes end?
This is a slippery slope. Will this newspaper out the names and addresses of Gay Married Couples so that conservatives can decide whether they want to live next to them?

Will this newspaper please list the publicly available records on all criminals who have served their time and probation but still live in the community? So that the PRO LAW ENFORCEMENT crowd can force them to self deport out of the community?

Will this newspaper print the publically available arrest records of Johns and those caught DWI or with soft drugs? What about public outing the mentally ill?

The Publisher of this paper would have been very happy working for the Reichstag. 
*                   *                 *
This is going to backfire on them. Now...all the crooks and robbers know EXACTLY what houses to invade without the risk of getting shot. 

 From Weasel Zippers:  (who, if you're interested, has the names and addresses of employees of Journal News)

New York Newspaper That Published Names And Addresses Of Gun Owners Says It Plans To Release The Personal Information Of Additional Gun Owners…

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