Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's Wednesday... w/ Update

the second day of Christmas, Feast of St. Stephen, and Boxing Day in the UK and Canada. 

What's going on.

About those so-called "journalists" that published the names of gun owners in two counties in the New York area?  What were they thinking?  Oh, wait.  They're libtards, which means they don't think - they "feel."

Fine.  Here's what I "feel."  I feel you are putting people in danger to advance your Marxist cause.  I particularity  particularly like the fact that T.L. published the link to Zillow for one of the aforementioned "journalists."  Lots and lots of interior shots making it oh so easy to case the joint for future home invasions or robberies.

T.L. in Exile:   So This Is The Game They Want To Play

Weasel Zippers:   Home Addresses Of NY Journalists Who Published Name And Address Of Every Handgun Owner In Two Counties…


Jammie Wearing Fool:   Cowardice: Smug Journal-News Editor Deletes Facebook Page, Hides Tweets

In other news:

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Newsbusters:   HuffPo Shocker: ‘President Clinton's Policies Sent the Economy Seriously Off Course’

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