Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dr. Laura and Paul A. Rahe weigh in on the root of our problems...

and do it quite well.

Just this morning we were discussing Dr. Laura's opinion on divorced parents who, in her opinion, have no business getting remarried until the children are grown.  Just imagine being a kid whose parents have divorced and daddy goes on to remarry and father more children.  The "new" kids get a full-time daddy and they get an every other weekend daddy.  In a child's world, that's just not fair.  Heck, in anyone's world that's not fair.  Or mommy remarries and now they're subjected to living with some guy who's not their real daddy and who, as is often the case, is not very well liked.  And we wonder why these kids are alienated and generally unable to form good relationships?

What we have in this country is a moral problem.  This problem is the root of our financial problems. It's as simple as that.

Dr. Laura:   Uncaring Parents Produce Uncaring Kids

Paul Rahe:   The Deepest Source of Our Troubles

Quote of the Day

From Paul Rahe's article:
Liberty requires a responsible citizenry, and the sexual revolution (very much like the drug culture, which was and is its Doppelgänger) promotes irresponsibility of every kind. It promotes dependence, and it fosters an ethos in which those who exercise the virtues fostered by the market are punished for doing so and in which those who live for present pleasure are rewarded.


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