Friday, October 5, 2012

Planned Parenthood doesn't need taxpayer money...

so why in hell do they get it?

Planned Parenthood posts profits in the ten's of millions of dollars every year.  So why exactly is the Obama administration continuing to hand money to the largest abortion provider and purveyor of birth control to underage girls?

Seems to me that Obama never met a baby he didn't want to kill, particularly a black baby who has close to a 45% chance of being aborted.

Oh, sure - the feds say none of that money can be used for abortions.  Problem is, money is fungible.  One dollar is easily exchanged for another dollar.  Even if Planned Parenthood kept seperate accounts (which they don't), every dollar they receive from the taxpayers frees up another dollar to be used for abortion.

I can't stop you from killing your child, nor can I intervene when a 13 year old receives birth control without the consent and knowledge of their parents, but I shouldn't be forced to pay for it.


Has any other administration sued states as much as this one has?

From LifeNews: 

Obama Admin Sues to Force Arizona Fund Planned Parenthood
The Obama administration is suing the state of Arizona and claiming that its new law revoking taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business runs afoul of federal laws.
The Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act of Arizona (HB 2800) de-funded abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood of state family planning money. The bill is based on model legislation developed by the SBA List and the Alliance Defense Fund, and prioritizes family planning funds away from abortion-centered businesses like Planned Parenthood to entities that provide women with comprehensive health care.  read the rest

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