Thursday, October 25, 2012

OMGosh! Dan Riehl, of Riehl World News, is in the hospital. Very sick...

this is terrible.

Dan is definitely one of the good guys.


For some unknown reason I can't get anything to load.  If you've linked to me, please know that I am grateful.  I can't get Riehl World News to load to provide you with a link.   Please pray.  Thank you. 

From Instapundit:
DAN RIEHL IS SICK: Dr. Melissa Clouthier writes:
Sorry I didn’t write earlier. Thought you’d want to know that Dan went into the hospital last night with respiratory failure. They had to do pulmonary bypass because he couldn’t be intubated. The doctor gave him a 50-50 chance of living.
I talked to the nurse today, she thinks he’s doing better. They’re currently chasing his heart rate and trying to keep him oxygenated — he has a nasal canula now, which is not that big of a deal. They said they’d try to move him out of ICU tonight but weren’t sure.
He’s at the Fairfax County hospital.

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