Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama: Enemy of America...

and our way of life!

From: The Lonely Conservative:

Obama Admin Bans Drilling On 11.5 Million Acres Of National Petroleum Reserve


While he funnels billions of our tax dollars to failed solar and wind companies?

Wake up, America

BTW, libtards - did you know that wind turbines not only explode, but they cause bat lungs to explode, too? 

Wind turbines cut air pollution, but they may mean respiratory trouble for bats flying nearby.
“Basically, their lungs explode,” said Barb Barton, biologist with the Michigan Natural Features Inventory.
Though wind turbines can kill bats by smacking them out of the sky, the huge spinning blades more often take out bats without touching them.

Turbine blades spinning at up to 200 mph leave in their wake a vortex of low pressure, Barton said. Bats get caught in the vortex, and the change in pressure ruptures capillaries in the bats’ lungs.  source

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