Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last night's debate: The words mean little when compared to the body language...

and Obama's was small and hunched.

Since I have been engaged in my annual fall cleaning, I was so exhausted last night that I kept falling asleep during the debate.  The good news is you may now eat off the top of my kitchen cabinets (ladder required), and my bathroom is no longer home to a tube of antibiotic cream that expired in 2003 (really!)

While trying not to do a swan dive into my pizza (successful), and before inelegantly having my head fall backwards with mouth, no doubt, hanging open, this is what I noticed.

Obama's ugly posture.  Yep, my reptilian brain was so focused on his head thrust forward on his little pencil neck, chin poking out, and his rather hunched back, I couldn't even concentrate on any words coming out of his mouth (which is a good thing.)

Notice how Romney's head is balanced correctly over his spine and his shoulders are straight?

Say what you will about the words spoken last night, but the reality is people react viscerally to posture and presentation, and Obama's posture telegraphed "petty, mean-spirited loser" to the American people.

And guess what?  The Romney campaign knows this and that's the very reason they made sure Obama's posture was highlighted in this recent ad.


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