Saturday, October 20, 2012

How stupid are people?...

this stupid.

First, a bunch of people buy indecently high-priced tickets to see a washed-up no-talent harridan who earns her living by spewing profanity and showing us her sagging lady parts.  The aforementioned harridan proceeds to wander out on stage three hours after the event was supposed to begin and these mindless dopes actually cheer.  Maybe they were glad they didn't have to wait four hours. 

The harridan then proceeds to open her "show" by pretending to shoot guns into the audience aided by a bunch of ski mask wearing sidekicks. 

The mindless twits sitting in the audience are suddenly angry at the harridan for being "insensitive."  This was Denver after all, and spitting distance from where a madman opened fire in a theater killing 12 people.

Let me get this straight.  It is okay for this no-talent harridan to keep you waiting for three hours?  It is okay for this harridan to use vile obscene language, show her lady parts (which no one really wants to see), and simulate sex acts on stage, but suddenly you're "uncomfortable" with her pretending to shoot guns? 

What exactly did you expect?  A prayer meeting?

And these mindless twits, most of whom have never even heard of Benghazi, are allowed to vote?

We're doomed! 


From iOwnTheWorld: they have the video of her opening act if you can stomach watching it.

Madonna Angers Denver Audience By Pretending To Shoot Guns Into Crowd

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