Monday, September 24, 2012

I saw this a few days ago and didn't have the time this morning to track it down.

Not to worry!  Our fearless friend, Reaganite Republican,  not only has the info about, but much more - and we thank him!

I have much outside work to do on our property so I'm unable to do the type of research I like to do.  Today I'll finish up the herb garden which has been overrun with tarragon on steroids and oregano from the pits of hell.  It took two full days to rip out clumps of tarragon that topped 5 feet and up to 6 feet in diameter.  The results filled our pick up at least 8 times over.  In the spring, half of the oregano will just have to be sprayed with weed killer.

I'm not sure how the rest of you are feeling, but ever since the Libyan disaster my exhaustion meter has been spiking into the red zone.  Avoidance of the internet seems to help. 

Head over and read what RR has to say and tell him hi! for me. 

Website That Filters Party Bias Out of Prez Polls has Romney Up 5-11% Nationally

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