Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Thursday...

what's going on.

I need to get some serious rest before the main event this evening.  Three good things about yesterday's performances at the freak show, a.k.a. The Democratic Convention, are: 1) no one will remember one thing about Clinton's campaign speech for his wife, 2) Elizabeth Warren has proven to be a bigger prevaricator than we suspected (and what's with her using her tongue repeatedly to dislodge a chunk of food from the inside of her cheek?), and 3) Sandra Fluke needs a better bra. It was entertaining, however, to watch the fluke's smarmy little smirk every time she thought she hit a home run with some silly verbal zinger which probably no one except her understood. 

By the way, Ms Fluke is described as an attorney on the official Democratic National Convention site.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe she has passed the bar, which means she is not an attorney.  If she recently graduated and the bar is given on the last Wednesday in July and the last Wednesday in February, it would be impossible for her to have sat for the test. 

 Calling yourself a lawyer without first passing the bar, and getting your license to practice law, constitutes the unauthorized practice of law, which, in most states, is a crime punishable by hefty fines, and maybe a little bit of jail time.

The soon to be patented Sandra Fluke smirk

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Sultan Knish also wins the quote of the day award from the above linked article:
In his dressing room, Obama is still dancing around to "Eye of the Tiger" on his Zune, psyching himself up for the clash of egos. But Romney isn't playing that game, neither is anyone else. Obama's idea of achievement is that of a man who has never achieved anything. The answer is always to push harder, so long as someone else is doing the pushing. Walking egos don't believe in the forces of history and don't understand that before people vote, they don't check commercials, they check their wallets. Walking egos don't understand that people, even people who work for the government, who are proud to wear the scarlet D, see politicians as employees selected to do a job. And that in the privacy of the booth, they will vote for change.

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