Saturday, September 22, 2012

How about some positive stuff for the weekend?...

you betcha!

Doug Ross: 

IT'S OVER: The Left's Information Warfare Campaign Has Failed -- and Mitt Romney is Going to Win This Election 
 Are you down? Are you glum, dejected, feeling like Republicans can't catch a break? Are you sick of Mitt Romney's gaffes, hyped hysterically by obsolete media with breathless "Romney Can't Win 2012" Special Reports?

Have you been overwhelmed by criticism of the GOP from so-called conservatives? Let's consider the sources: Bill Kristol is a useless coot whose predictions are unerringly off-base. Peggy Noonan is a yenta. Rich Lowery is a sellout. And David Brooks isn't worth the three seconds I just spent typing this sentence. All of them are more worried about invitations to glitterati parties than they are in saving this Republic.

In the face of liberal agitprop campaigns, they wet their Depends and run away.

I'm not down. I feel good. Let's consider where we are in this campaign cycle.
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Hack Wilson (bless his heart!)

2012 Election Prediction: Mitt Romney Wins. And here's why.

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