Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tomato Update: Florida Weave Supports...

are working better than expected.

I'm sold on the Florida weave method of supporting tomatoes.  In previous years I've tried many different methods of support for the plants.  Cages are almost impossible to get in due to the rocky condition of our soil and by the end of the year they fall over or break.  Stakes never worked that well and I was always tying up stray branches until the whole plant was a big blob.

Here's a diagram of the Florida weave:

I used a metal ranch fence pole at either end of a row of four plants.  I added one post in the center.  Starting at one end you weave twine around the plants.  As the plant grows, you simply add another row. 

Here's some young plants (not mine) at the start of the process:

One small problem I encountered was the plant tipping to one or the other side.  It was easily fixed by tying a small piece of twine on the supporting twine on either side of the plant essentially trapping the plant.  Next year I think I'll use a stake between each plant and will also be more careful to group my indeterminate and my determinate plants together so I won't have a height disparity making it easier to weave.

This year I also used landscape fabric between the rows and covered it with pine needles.  Can you say "no more weeds?" 

My tomatoes:

Whoa, that's a bunch of "tomates"...

Finally - some cherry tomatoes...

The big guys are in quick pursuit of the cherries and should be ripening in the next few days.

I used fabric in the main veggie garden, too.  (Yeah - I know those are zinnias.  They're in last years tomato place.)  The center row is Romano beans.  I'll be freezing 20 or 30 bags of those tonight. 

 Eggplant Parmesan on the menu...

and cucumber salad, too

Time to water...

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