Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raul Labrador does not disappoint...

a very impressive man.

At today's luncheon, Rep. Labrador spoke only briefly and spent over an hour answering questions from the attendees.  His manner was calm, straightforward, and all his answers were articulate and complete. 

My favorite question?  Who should Romney pick for VP?

Rep. Labrador's answer was completely unexpected, and one I've never heard before.  Since I didn't record his answer, this is a paraphrase;

He said Romney should pick someone who not only qualifies to assume presidential duties, should the need arise, but someone he feels comfortable being with, and who enhances who Romney is by making him an even better man.  Interesting...

His personal choice for VP?  Paul Ryan!

While waiting for lunch, I took a few shots of the beautiful Spokane river from the windows of the resort.

Looking South and slightly east

Looking South and slightly west with the Spokane St. bridge in the background. There is a wonderful park (Q'emlin pronounced ka-mee-lin) on the south side of the bridge (hiding behind the pine tree) where we'll be attending a BBQ with Senator Mike Crapo on Friday evening.

Just west of the park is the Post Falls dam.  The Spokane River flows from Lake Coeur d' Alene east to Spokane.  I remember when they added the orange protective buoys after some fishermen ignored the warning signs and slipped over the dam into the great lake in the sky.

 I found this very cool video of the dam shot using FPV.  The little park next to the dam and by a backwash is somewhere hubby and I love to take our breakfast.  You can view the video in a larger version by clicking on Post Falls Dam Wide Open below.

The second video was shot during winter when the dam is dry.  The beginning of the video highlights the little park where we like to eat breakfast.  As with the previous video, click on Post Falls Dam for larger version. 

Thus endeth the travelogue. 

Post Falls Dam Wide Open from Craig Hamilton on Vimeo

Post Falls Dam from Craig Hamilton on Vimeo.

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