Monday, August 20, 2012

Professional Catholics pile on Paul Ryan...

for not being Catholic enough?

These professional Catholics don't like his budget because they have been so thoroughly steeped in the "social justice" hot water that their tea has turned bitter.  They have also accused him of being a "bad" Catholic because he likes the message of Ayn Rand as it relates to capitalism and personal responsibility.

If anyone ever needed proof of how insidiously the Marxist and Communist dogma has entered the mainstream, one only has to read these people and listen to them bleating that children would be starving in the streets if it wasn't for the all-powerful government, and how dare Paul Ryan suggest that perhaps, just perhaps, it may be a good idea to make a few cuts to these programs that render people wards of the state, and therefore incapable of ever taking care of themselves, and it is our Christian duty to allow the government to force us to participate in their "charity", and further claim that it is Catholic teaching.

No it's not.

Now as a firm believer in the 2nd 1st amendment, I applaud their right to their opinions.  I even think that it's a-okay for them to disseminate these opinions on the world wide web.  However, my 2nd 1st amendment rights say I am free to regard them as sadly misled, and in complete ignorance of Catholic teaching, and before they stand on their soapbox and call Ryan a "bad" Catholic, a good hard look in the mirror would be in order.

From Goldfish and Clowns:
Ever since Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, there has been a small but incessant screech, occasionally muffled to hyperactive handwringing, from assorted elements on the right (namely Lisa Graas and assorted Catholic writers) that Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand, therefore at best loathsome and far more likely bearing the Mark of the Beast. Because, you know, as a disciple of Rand and therefore a frozen-hearted capitalist/objectivist he’s going to push Grandma off a cliff, burn the orphanage with the kids trapped inside, shut down the soup kitchens and throw sacks filled with puppies and kittens into the river while carving “not one dime of government money for social services!” into Washington’s forehead on Mount Rushmore. And that’s a warmup exercise before breakfast.  read the rest

In case you missed it:

Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin speaks out about Paul Ryan...



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